PlayStation 5: VR controllers get a new look

Sony's team is constantly pushing forward with research into a new gaming experience. It's a relentless push that brings new gadgets to the fore. They're nothing more than tweaked versions of what's already there. The new controllers that come with the PlayStation 5 VR headset are a palpable example.

What's special about the new VR controllers

What is striking about the new PlayStation 5 VR controllers is their shape. Like orbs, they are circular and rather hollow. This leaves a space for the hands. There is actually a first ring through which you have to put your hand to hold a bow. This bow is oriented from one end of the ring to the other, but in a vertical way. And it carries the buttons to press. It is a very elaborate shape that the designers have chosen to innovate. Several elements of the PlayStation 5's Dualsense controller are found on the new controller. And of course, it's the innovations that matter. Haptic functions and adaptive triggers are included. This is the controller that promises even more interesting gaming moments.

What's different about the PlayStation 5 VR controllers?

The new PlayStation 5 VR controllers are even more ergonomic. The fact is that their shape makes them easy to grip. So when you hold them in your hand, they fit better. They are also very light, this is an important detail in terms of handling, as the weight factor has a great influence on ease of use. The design is very much in line with the new helmet, which has fewer wires than the old one. This confirms Sony's desire to make the player as comfortable as possible. Indeed, playing with ease of movement makes the gaming experience much more enjoyable, so players are already looking forward to the new equipment.

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