The situation of the presidential elections in Benin: let's talk about it!

When there is a presidential election in a country, all the cameras are focused on it and the atmosphere is different from the usual one. This is the case in Benin at the moment. Except that the situation of these presidential elections is quite particular and this article will show a timid face of the elections that Benin had never known.

In the camp of the presidential movement

To have an overview of the situation of the presidential elections in the camp of the presidential movement, we must go back to the national tour of the current President of the Republic Patrice Talon. It was on this tour that he announced his candidacy and it is believed that this tour was a first phase of the campaign. But what is most striking is that this year, the presidential camp is more than united and none of its political leaders has pleased the opposition. Whereas in past elections, there is always one personality who resigns. It is understandable that the current president has taken care to lay the foundations of his candidacy in all heads. Besides, you can't feel the campaigns too much, but almost everyone is convinced that he will be re-elected.

In the Opposition Camp

In the opposition camp, political leaders and candidates are making an effort to get closer to the people to try to disprove the predictions that give the incumbent president as the favourite. To this end, the opposition candidates have started by making field visits for a massive sensitisation of the population against the phenomenon of Patrice Talon who cares very little about social issues. But in truth, these same candidates surely know that the work remains to be done, because they are still far from victory. Nevertheless, there are regions of Benin that are with the opposition and promise a very tough battle.

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