All about e-commerce

Nowadays, with the advent of e-commerce, many people start selling online because it seems like an Eldorado to them. A way to make money fast. However, they forget that e-commerce is a business in itself and can be learned. It can be hard work, but also very exciting and interesting. Read this article to learn more about it.

What is e-commerce?

Electronic commerce (or e-commerce) is a business practice that connects buyers and sellers online. For further clarification, you can 
hop over to these guys. Transactions of goods and/or services take place through online stores, mobile apps and other sales channels such as social networks, price comparison sites, marketplaces, affiliate and retargeting platforms, etc. According to the Federation of E-commerce and Distance Selling (FEVAD), e-commerce in France will reach 129 billion euros in 2021, a 15 percent increase from the previous year. In addition, the number of e-commerce sites increased by 11% during the year.

How does e-commerce work?

E-commerce allows shoppers to find the products or services they want online. When browsing the Internet, some shoppers know exactly what they are looking for and turn to Google or marketplaces, for example, while others prefer to visit social media platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration. Once the customer has found what they are looking for, they can place an order, which is shipped and delivered to their home or pickup point. Online sales are made through e-commerce websites, which are linked to payment and banking systems that must be completely secure. Although e-commerce purchases are now commonplace, there is still a lack of certainty about possible payment security breaches or possible fraud.

How can people sell online?

Although you can sell your products directly on marketplaces or some social media platforms, it is highly recommended that you create your own online store using an e-commerce platform such as Shopify. By creating your own online store, you have more control over your business and can create a true brand identity.