How can a chatbot improve a company's marketing strategy?

More and more companies are embracing the digital world to improve their marketing strategy. Among the tools available to them, some are opting for automated messaging management through chatbots. What role do these tools play in optimising a company's digital strategy? Details.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence developed with the aim of conversing with a certain group of people. It is used to respond in real time to customer queries on a platform. More details in this content. First and foremost, these software offer the possibility for internet users or mobile users to submit their concern. After analysing the query, it can then provide a suitable response where possible. In reality, these robots are programmed to perform a number of actions. For example, they can be programmed with response streams, and react to responses from site visitors. In the same way, they can first qualify Internet users before directing them to specialised portals. In short, they are robots programmed to help companies communicate with their customers. They can thus adapt over time to provide better responses.

What is the role of chatbots in optimising a company's marketing strategy

The chatbot is first and foremost a manager of the company's customer relationship. When installed on a platform, these softwares actively communicate with the platform's users and allow them to always get satisfaction regarding their concern. They can therefore help to attract more customers, and generate more sales, as they improve the quality of the company's services. In addition, because they satisfy the needs of the customers, these robots play an important role in building customer loyalty.