How to create a chatbot on Botnation?

Platform specialized in chatbot design, Botnation is not only intended for individuals who have a website, but also for companies and e-commerce sites. With this site, you will be able to create chatbots that will bring an added value to your website. Discover in the following, the different steps you have to follow to create your chatbot for free and easily with Botnation.

First, register on the platform

Before you start creating your chatbot on Botnation, you need to register by filling in a form and creating a login. Registration is free and gives you access to all the sections and tools available on the site. This step will allow you to discover all the features you can integrate in your chatbot. Moreover, thanks to the registration, you will have access to the templates in order to have an idea of the different chatbots you can build with Botnation. You can visit this resource to learn more.

Choose your offer

The next step after registration is to choose the offer that fits your needs. Indeed, on Botnation, you have three different packages at your disposal. The first one is the free package. This only includes the basic features. On the other hand, Botnation also offers two paid packages. These have more options than the free package.

Configure your chatbot

Once you have chosen the package that suits you best, you can access your account. You can now proceed to the choice of the template that has the tree structure that corresponds to the type of chatbot you want to design. You can now create your chatbot and proceed to its configuration. You can for example write a nice message to welcome your customers and to give them the impression of being in front of a person. 
Botnation allows you to have access to several tools such as GPS so that you can add the location of your company. You can also have access to tools to insert videos, photos and games. At the end of the configuration, you will be able to test your chatbot before starting to use it on your website.