The criteria for choosing a chatbot builder

Over the last few years, chatbots have managed to impose themselves on the digital marketing strategy of companies. These conversational tools have proven their usefulness. There are many tools available today to create these chatbots. This makes it difficult to choose which tool to use. We invite you to read this article to discover the criteria for choosing a chatbot builder.

Digital channels are taken into account

Each chatbot builder has its own specificities among which are the digital channels taken into account. For an e-commerce site, for example, it would be interesting to insert the chatbot on the Home Page. On the other hand, for a bank or an advertising structure, the presence of a chatbot on Facebook, WhatsApp is an asset. It all depends on the target you want to reach, the type of service you want to market, or the platform you want to use to implement it. It is therefore essential to check the platforms supported by your chatbot builder. There is no point in choosing a designer that only works on Telegram when your marketing strategy is essentially based on Facebook.

Support offers

Another key element in choosing a chatbot builder is the support offered by the latter. Apart from the support related to the tool itself, you must take into account the existence of good support for the implementation of the chatbot's conversational scenario. As you can probably imagine, the design phase is the most important when it comes to chatbots. And in order to have a result that meets your expectations, you need to have great support. You should therefore find out exactly what kind of support your chatbot builder offers. Finally, it is also important to choose tools that offer a wide range of options in order to get a rich chatbot.