What are the must-have pieces in your tea set collection?

When you are a tea lover, it is essential to build up a collection of cutlery to enjoy your favorite beverage. Among the essential items, we find the French coffee mug. What are the other must-have pieces in your collection?

French coffee mug

In reality, the French coffee mug is an item that has been a huge success in recent years. It is a ceramic mug, usually large in size, that allows you to enjoy your tea with elegance and simplicity. The French coffee mug has a simple, uncluttered and modern design that fits in with any interior. It is often available in white or black, but there are also models in pastel glazed ceramic or raw stoneware. The French coffee mug is perfect for tea lovers who like to take their time to savor each sip of their favorite drink.

The traditional teacup

The traditional English teacup is a classic among tea cutlery collections. It is recognisable by its rounded shape, elegant handle and fine porcelain. It allows you to enjoy your tea in the proper way. The traditional English teacup is often decorated with floral or geometric motifs, which gives it an undeniable charm. It is ideal for tea lovers who like the classic and timeless side of this art of living.

The tea spoon

The tea spoon is an essential accessory for measuring the amount of tea needed for a cup. It allows you to precisely measure the amount of tea to be brewed, in order to obtain a perfectly balanced tea in flavors. The tea spoon can be made of stainless steel, silver or brass, and is often decorated with delicate designs. It is a practical yet elegant item that should definitely be part of your tea cutlery collection.

Tea tongs

The tea tongs are the essential accessory for brewing your loose tea. It allows you to easily grasp the tea leaves without burning yourself, and to place them in the cup. It is a practical and aesthetic object that will allow you to prepare your tea in complete serenity.